I no longer own a place where I can put my gardening skills to use. While i did, however, My partner and i definitely had a eco-friendly thumb and was great at landscape design. I never utilized my skills upon anyone else's yard, however built my secret garden in my individual backyard.- landscape design austin

I just had less than 1/3 of an acre to work with, but I caused it to be work. My favorite types of plants to use have been different types of vines. Furthermore, i liked to seed trees, and while my personal lot was small, I planted three trees. The first was an orange sapling, the second was a pecan sapling, and then I selected and planted a southern magnolia inside the side yard.

The house was a fixer-upper, and again my lot had been small, but people complimented my backyard all the time. I never got a chance to finish the lawn because I sold my house and moved out of state into a condo. Nonetheless, I will always remember getting to work on my landscape designs skills, as training in the yard had been my favorite weekend action. I was also always watering the lawn, killing the undesirable weeds and planting lawn seed. My lawn looked nice!- landscape design austin 


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